[virt-tools-list] Using LV as guest disk on KVM

Richard Taubo ort at bergersen.no
Tue Nov 18 23:26:47 UTC 2014


I have created a guest disk like this:
a) lvcreate -L 30G -n Vm1 VolGroup
b) mkfs.xfs /dev/VolGroup/Vm1

And installed the VM like this:
c) virt-install --name=vm1.mydomain.com \
	--disk path=/dev/VolGroup/Vm1 \
	… rest_of_arguments

1) 	Is b) above necessary, or are a) and c) sufficient?

2) 	If b) is necessary, should /dev/VolGroup/Vm1 be mounted while installing and 
	while running the VM?


Best regards,
Richard Taubo

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