[virt-tools-list] Vm Grouping

Alexander Innes senni at necurity.co.uk
Tue Apr 28 14:43:03 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

Just a quick question, is it possible to group VMs somehow?

Im thinking along the lines of groups such as "Windows network" which has W
machines, "Test Services" with has X machines, "Nix boxes" which has Y
machines, "Bobs machines" which has 100 machines (the use case is we have a
testbed hypervisor in use by a few people, everyone can make / scratch
machines but it would be nice to group em), kind of like:

+Windows :
   - A
   - B
   - A
   - C

So rather than all machines being displayed in a list they can be grouped,
collapsed when im not doing anything with them, start and stop a load at
once, (If that makes sense?) I could do it VIA the cli by just a "for i in
A B C; do start $i; done", but was wondering if there was a "nice" way of
doing it,

Or if there isnt would it be that hard to do? Im thinking maybe a field in
the meta-data column for Libvirt (however my coding skills are awful so
anything i make would probably make your eyes bleed! ;D) (Or if there is
something similar already that i don't know about id be glad to know!)

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