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hongzhen_luo at sina.com hongzhen_luo at sina.com
Fri Oct 16 06:18:54 UTC 2015

Thank you , Mr Fergeau .. 
       This problem has been solved with your help ...----- 原始邮件 -----
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主题:Re: [virt-tools-list] [help]Please help check  ''makensis error ''!
日期:2015年10月12日 19点57分
On Thu, Oct 08, 2015 at 04:47:48PM +0800, hongzhen_luo at sina.com wrote:
> [root at fc21-03 virt-viewer-2.0]# makensis -DGTK_VERSION=2.0 -DHaveLibvirt=True -DHaveSpiceGtk=True -DHaveOVirt=True -DHaveGtkVnc=True -DDESTDIR=/home/lzb/projects/tmp data/virt-viewer.nsis
> WriteRegStr: HKCU\Software\virt-viewer\=$INSTDIR
> SetOutPath: "$INSTDIR"
> File: "deps.txt" -> no files found.
> Usage: File [/nonfatal] [/a] ([/r] [/x filespec [...]] filespec [...] |
>    /oname=outfile one_file_only)
> Error in script "data/virt-viewer.nsis" on line 75 -- aborting creation process
deps.txt should be generated as part of the nsis generation process when
you run "make nsis".
data/Makefile.am has:
        AM_V_GEN)rpm -qa | grep $(host_os) | sort | unix2dos > $@
Which will probably need to be adjusted on non-rpm distros... (or even
on distros with different packaging conventions for the mingw*
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