[virt-tools-list] how to get virt-viewer log trace at windows 7 32bit

骆宏震 luohongzhen at troila.com
Mon Sep 21 00:52:48 UTC 2015

    Now I am doing development of virt-viewer on Windows7 for Virtualization Technology . But i don't know how to get virt-viewer log information at Win7 32bit ..It's really a worest problem to myself .. So if you know , could you tell me how to get the log file ? 

          you know. i tried input  command 'virt-viewer --debug 'at cmd.exe to get the log trace . but some errors were poped up ... 

as below information :

(virt-viewer.exe:600): virt-viewer-DEBUG: fullscreen display 0: 0
(virt-viewer.exe:600): virt-viewer-DEBUG: connecting ...
(virt-viewer.exe:600): virt-viewer-DEBUG: Opening connection to libvirt with URI
(virt-viewer.exe:600): virt-viewer-DEBUG: Error: invalid argument: transport met
hods unix, ssh and ext are not supported under Windows
(virt-viewer.exe:600): virt-viewer-DEBUG: Disposing window 02071080

(virt-viewer.exe:600): virt-viewer-DEBUG: Set connect info: (null),(null),(null)

expect your reply 

thank you very much 

hongzhen luo
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