[virt-tools-list] [virt-viewer 0/2] Allow loading in-tree ui files

Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) etrunko at redhat.com
Thu Feb 25 14:21:52 UTC 2016

On 02/25/2016 04:20 AM, Fabiano Fidêncio wrote:
> The goal of these two patches are the $(subject).
> The first one is just doing a small refactoring in the _load_ui() in the way
> that introducing a new path to load a file from wouldn't be too confusing.
> As always, the most dificult part of writing a patch is naming new functions.
> So, suggestions for the new functions names are welcome.

What do you think about using "local" instead of "non_system"? Or maybe

Eduardo de Barros Lima (Etrunko)
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