[virt-tools-list] UEFI and xen

Jim Fehlig jfehlig at suse.com
Tue Mar 1 18:48:08 UTC 2016

Cole Robinson wrote:
> On 03/01/2016 01:18 PM, Jim Fehlig wrote:
>> Cole Robinson wrote:
>>> On 03/01/2016 11:21 AM, Clair Grant wrote:
>>>> Virt-install on kvm provides boot loader options for UEFI rather than BIOS. There does not seem to be a similar option in virt-install on xen. Is there another means for being UEFI-based on xen?
>>> Personally I have no idea what the state of xen + uefi support is.
>> Xen+uefi works at the xen tools level (xl/libxl), but not yet via libvirt.
>>> >From virt-install/virt-manager perspective, to make '--boot uefi' work we
>>> require a libvirt capabilities reporting API that isn't yet supported by the
>>> xen driver.
>> I guess you mean connectGetDomainCapabilities? The xen drivers support
>> connectGetCapabilities but currently lack connectGetDomainCapabilities.
> Yes, getDomainCapabilities. Libvirt uses that to advertise what uefi roms are
> on the host, so we can make --boot uefi work automagically. Rom paths can
> still be manually specified though

Ok, thanks Cole. I'll add this to my todo list for the libvirt libxl driver.


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