[virt-tools-list] can't set a mac address when creating guest.

leandro maciel leandrojmp at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 06:53:53 UTC 2016


I was using virt-manager to create and configure machines on a CentOS 7.1
host and when I was able to set the MAC address while creating the guests.

My CentOS 7.1 had a problem and I installed CentOS 7.2 on another machine
and started configuring qemu/kvm and virt-manager again, but this time I
can't set the MAC Address while creating the guest, there is no field for
that on the advanced options and I also can't change the MAC Address on the
machine details.

I know that I can change the MAC Address on the XML file, but my question
is if this is a problem with CentOS 7.2, with virt-manager or am I missing
something or making something wrong?


leandrojmp at gmail.com
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