[virt-tools-list] new home for vhostmd

Michael-John Turner mj at mjturner.net
Thu Mar 10 22:40:19 UTC 2016

On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 03:25:34PM -0700, Jim Fehlig wrote:
> Thanks. I've created a vhostmd org on github and pushed the old gitorious code there
> https://github.com/vhostmd/vhostmd
> The README has been updated with virt-tool-list contact info. I also invited a
> few folks to join the org, including rjones (contributed to vhostmd in the past)
> and mjturner.

Thanks for sorting that out. Unfortunately the 0.3 and 0.4 branches were
lost in the move, which may make things a little tricky in future. I see
SUSE is using 0.4 with some additional patches and RHEL is using 0.5 with
the subsequent three patches added (ie, it's the equivalent of the current

I'm not sure if it'd be worth merging the various current patches into a
new 0.6 release just so we have a stable base to move forward on? 

Debian packaging is mostly complete, I'm just doing some testing and
finalising of a decent default configuration file, at which point I'll send
a pull request. It would be nice if a single configuration file would work
across distributions, but that may end up being rather unwieldy.

Cheers, MJ
Michael-John Turner * mj at mjturner.net * http://mjturner.net/

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