[virt-tools-list] scsi controller issue in 'customize before install'

Lin Ma lma at suse.com
Thu Oct 12 08:58:06 UTC 2017

Hi list,
I have a question about scsi controller while I create vm.
For a existed vm, When user changed a virtual disk's bus type to scsi In VM details page,
Then click 'apply' button, If this vm's configuration doesn't have any scsi controller, Libvirt
will automatically add one and trigger a lifecycle event. Virt-manager rely on the event to
refresh vm's hardware list, Then user can see the scsi controller which is automatically
added by libvirt.

But when user installs a vm through virt-manager GUI, In VM details page(customize before
install), User changes a virtual disk's bus type to scsi, Then click 'apply' button, There is no
scsi controller in hardware list because libvirt won't help user to add a default scsi controller
until user clicks 'Begin Installation' button. user may get user confused.
In this case, If user wants to use virtio-scsi instead of the default one, User needs to manually
add a scsi controller then change the scsi controller model.
I refered to the logic of 'adding disk', want to write a patch to modify the logic of 'changing
disk bus' to: Add a virtio-scsi scsi controller if needed while user change disk bus to scsi
instead of relying on libvirt lifecycle event, Then user can see the scsi controller in hardware
list before install.
I'm not sure if the idea makes sense, or perhaps this is not an issue. So may I have your idea?
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