[virt-tools-list] [PATCH] virtinst: Add NUMA distance support

Menno Lageman menno.lageman at oracle.com
Mon Jan 29 11:23:43 UTC 2018

On 26-01-18 20:50, Cole Robinson wrote:
> I've attached an updated patch that applies to master. Has the updated
> cli format, drops the validation stuff, and the man page bits too since
> I intended that to just be an example of the numbered cellX selection
> stuff, hopefully people can figure out sibling format based on that and
> '--cpu help' output
> The new format is very wordy but I'd rather start here and come up with
> an additive shortcut method if we think it's necessary. The new format
> is like;
> cell0.distances.sibling0.id=0,cell0.distances.sibling0.value=10,\
> cell0.distances.sibling1.id=1,cell0.distances.sibling1.value=21,\
> cell1.distances.sibling0.id=0,cell1.distances.sibling0.value=21,\
> cell1.distances.sibling1.id=1,cell1.distances.sibling1.value=10,\
> If you are fine with this patch I'll push it. Otherwise feel free to
> change and resubmit
> Thanks,
> Cole

Hi Cole,

though not entirely thrilled by the very wordy format, I'm fine with 
this patch as a starting point.

There is a sentence from the original patch in the commit message that's 
no longer applicable: "NUMA distances can be specified when configuring 
NUMA cells by adding one or more <cell:distance> pairs for each NUMA 
cell, defining the distance from the cell to itself and to the other 
NUMA cells.".



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