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Pavel Hrdina phrdina at redhat.com
Tue Jun 5 07:21:11 UTC 2018

On Mon, Jun 04, 2018 at 07:21:36PM -0400, Ross Decker wrote:
> As I continue troubleshooting, I regenerated keys = no joy.
> What I did find, if I use the command "ssh -X root at server
> virt-manager" from a terminal, it asks for the server's root password,
> the virt-manager gui appears and populates, I open a VM and all works
> great! Doesn't ask for any other passwords; The VM console works.

This is called X11 forwarding.  The virt-manager is running on the
'server' and with the '-X' option you are able to see the GUI for
the remote 'server'.

> When I open the Virtual Machine Manager from the gui, and open the
> properties of the connection I see "qemu+ssh://root@server/system"
> There is no -X in this command.
> I have deleted the connection, and created a new one, selected SSH,
> and there doesn't seem to be any way to append the -X to the default
> "qemu+ssh://root@server/system".
> I have checked the config files in the /etc/libvirt directory, but
> have not been able to find how to change the default Libvirt URI to
> include the -X

There is no way how to configure it and there is actually no need to
configure it like that.  If you open virt-manager on your system (not
using X11 forwarding on the remote 'server') it will connect to the
libvirt over ssh connection.

The difference is that in the first case (X11 forwarding) you are
receiving GUI data (which is usually slow) and in the second case you
are receiving raw data from libvirt, spice, etc.

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