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lizhuoyao lizhuoyao at hikdata.com
Fri May 11 00:07:44 UTC 2018

  I think there is something I expressed inaccurate,because my English is poor.
  Or,except vnc and virt-manager, is there other way can I login into domain?
  (virt-install is succeed,and domain is seen by virsh list..)

 Have a good day

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 What commands have you used to create the domain with virt-install?
 Also, can you see the domain with virsh?
     virsh list --all

 Kind regards,

On 10/05/18 08:23, lizhuoyao wrote:

Hi boys:
  When I use virt-install order to create a domian, as a result, I can get into the domain in Xshell. My question is how can I get into domain in Xshell again?

  Because I cann't login into domain by vnc or virt-manager, there are some other trouble.  

Have a good day

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