[virt-tools-list] Fwd: Re: [Spice-devel] Flatpaking virt-viewer/remote-viewer

Adrian Lucrèce Céleste adrianlucrececeleste at airmail.cc
Thu May 17 02:00:15 UTC 2018

I was directed to this mailing-list by someone on the spice-devel 
mailing-list (that exchanged is an attachment in this email).
With their help I've managed to get virt-viewer and remote-viewer 
working as a single flatpak. If the user runs

`flatpak run org.virt_manager.virt-viewer`

they get `virt-viewer`, a `.desktop` entry also exists for 
`remote-viewer`, which
is how remote-viewer is launched (like any other app on the system).

I started flatpaking virt-viewer and remote-viewer because I use Fedora 
Atomic Workstation

(now named SilverBlue I think) and it recommends the use of packages 
packaged as flatpaks.

My git repo can be found:

- https://github.com/adriankoshka/flathub/tree/org.virt_manager.virt-viewer

and my PR to flathub (a central repository of flatpak apps which makes 
it easier to distribute flatpak apps):

- https://github.com/flathub/flathub/pull/391

I still need to work out some issues like:

- connecting to qemu:///system with virt-viewer (right now 
qemu+ssh://user@ip/system works, I need to figure out how to pass the 
host libvirt socket to the flatpak sandbox)

- USB redirection (It seems /dev within the flatpak is read-only, I'm 
trying to find someone knowledgeable about how /dev is done within 
flatpak's sandbox)

Some things I haven't tested:

- connecting to a VNC client
- WebDAV
- building the flatpak for i386/arm/aarch64

I hope I've made a useful contribution by attempting to flatpak 
virt-viewer and remote-viewer.

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