[virt-tools-list] Bridge connection question

Hetz Ben Hamo hetz at hetz.biz
Tue Feb 5 15:15:30 UTC 2019


The following thing drives me nuts. I have 2 nics on my machine: enp30s0f0
(which is active) and enp30s0f1 (which is disconnected). I've also created
a nat network which uses the internal NAT (i've called it "nat-net").

What I want to do is simple: I want that the VM will get a an IP from the
external DHCP, just like other machines in the LAN, and be able to access
the VM from other machines in the LAN. Just like MACVTAP but with access
from host to guests and other machines to guest (this is important to me
since I want to set a fixed IP in the guest and register it in the internal

No matter what tool I use - nmtui, "connection details/Network Interfaces"
- I cannot select my active network connection (enp30s0f0) whether it's
disconnected or connected - to create a bridge or anything else to perform
this task.

How can I perform this? link to info/howto or anything useful would be

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