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Wed Feb 6 00:37:21 UTC 2019

I'm Ubuntu 18.04 user.
I don't know what reason they have to perform nmtui.
As you mention it, they did not list up physical interface.

Anyway, in my case I use below command to control 'link' and 'bridge'.
I wish what I commented are helping to your problem.

For link state, I think most of people use 'ip link' command.
[image: image.png]
- LOWER_UP = Physical State

For bridge control, I use 'brctl' command.

Good day all in all.

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> Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2019 17:15:30 +0200
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> Subject: [virt-tools-list] Bridge connection question
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> Hi,
> The following thing drives me nuts. I have 2 nics on my machine: enp30s0f0
> (which is active) and enp30s0f1 (which is disconnected). I've also created
> a nat network which uses the internal NAT (i've called it "nat-net").
> What I want to do is simple: I want that the VM will get a an IP from the
> external DHCP, just like other machines in the LAN, and be able to access
> the VM from other machines in the LAN. Just like MACVTAP but with access
> from host to guests and other machines to guest (this is important to me
> since I want to set a fixed IP in the guest and register it in the internal
> DNS).
> No matter what tool I use - nmtui, "connection details/Network Interfaces"
> - I cannot select my active network connection (enp30s0f0) whether it's
> disconnected or connected - to create a bridge or anything else to perform
> this task.
> How can I perform this? link to info/howto or anything useful would be
> welcome.
> Thanks
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