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[virt-tools-list] virt-install and cloud-init, feedback wanted

Hi all. The purpose of this mail is to get some feedback on pending
cloud-init support in virt-install. If you're on the CC list here, I
either pulled your email from a cloud-init discussion on the the
virt-tools-list mailing list, or from the CC list of this virt-install bug:

RFE: Provide cloud-init integration for VMs

For GSOC 2019 Athina Plaskasoviti completed some cloud-init integration
work in virt-install. You can read her wrap up here:

Right now the code is sitting in a virt-manager.git branch, not yet
pushed to master:

I'll summarize the current behavior, and then ask some questions.

The branch adds a new 'virt-install --cloud-init' argument with several
sub options. When specified, virt-install generates an empty meta-data
file, a user-data file with the requested changes, stuffs them both into
a cidata iso, which is used for the first VM boot and then deleted.

This behavior is only triggered when --cloud-init is specified in some
form, there's no automagic invocation of this support.

The command sub options are:

$ ./virt-install --cloud-init=help
--cloud-init options:

Their behavior:

* disable=yes: boolean option to disable cloud-init in the VM for
subsequent boots. Adds this block to user-data:
  - [ sudo, touch, /etc/cloud/cloud-init.disabled ]

* root-password-file=/MY/PATH: set the desired root password from the
content of /MY/PATH on the host

* root-password-generate=yes: boolean option, generate a random root
password, set it in user-data, print it to the host text console and
pause for a bit for the user to see and copy it. sorta inspired by

* ssh-key=/MY/KEY.pub: inject the ssh key from /MY/KEY.pub on the host
into the cloud-init user-data

* user-data=/PATH/TO/user-data: ignore all other options and copy this
file to the .iso as user-data

When bare '--cloud-init' is specified, we default to generating a random
root password and disabling cloud-init for subsequent boots:
--cloud-init root-password-generate=yes,disable=yes

We've explicitly rejected something like root-password=MY-PASSWORD
because of the security implications of encouraging a password to end up
in command line history. We've already had a CVE for something similar
in virt-install.

Also, I don't want virt-install to be in the business of specifying
every cloud-init option under the sun, there's gotta be a better tool
for that already. So I'd like to keep --cloud-init suboptions
specifically targeted to expected virt use cases, and anything else can
be served with custom user-data=

One more point: my main interaction with cloud-init has historically
been by grabbing a Fedora/RHEL cloud image, passing it to
virt-install/virt-manager, and watching the boot hang, because there's
no data provider and cloud-init times out talking to the network, and
then I can't log in. I expect many people have hit this issue before.
I've always worked around this by using 'virt-customize' to disable
cloud-init and reset the root password. That's about the extent of my
usage here, which is broadly why the bare `--cloud-init` is the way it was.

I'm also thinking to the future, if one day virt-install can detect that
it was passed a distro cloud-init image, perhaps we can invoke some
default behavior that gives the user a better chance of this config
being usable out of the box. I figure that will match whatever we choose
for the bare '--cloud-init' behavior

So, my questions are:

* What are the usecases you see for virt-install cloud-init support?
* Does the above meet your expectations?
* Are we missing anything vital?
* Do you have an opinion of what behavior bare '--cloud-init' should give?
* Any other ideas, thoughts, feedback?


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