[virt-manager] copy file to vm

George oVirt at goproject.info
Mon Feb 17 11:24:31 UTC 2020

Bikuan Zhang,

I am not sure exactly what you are trying to do, but I think you want
to copy a file, maybe a driver for the VM or some software you want to
install on the VM ?

Here is two methods that I use to copy files from the host computer
that is running the VM, or actually from any other computer to the VM.

1) create an ISO image containing the files that I want to copy to the
VM, then mount the ISO image in the VM (by having a virtual DVD/CDROM
device attached to the VM), then copy the files from the mounted ISO
image to the VM's virtual disk drive. The advantage of this method is
that the VM and the Host running the VM do not need to be network
connected to the same network.

2) Copy the files to a network share (usually samba, or NFS), and then
access this network share from the VM and copy the files to the VM's
virtual disk drive.

3) Using FileZilla to SSH the files from the computer on which the
files are (for example, the Host computer running the VM) to the VM.
Rsync is another method too that I have used.

In the above methods 2 and 3, the host must be able to connect via
networks to the VM, which is not always the way, and certainly does
not need to be. The VM can be connected to a totally isolated network.

Hope this helps, if I have not answered your question and you think I
could help, please provide a bit more detail about how the Host and
the VM are related, and the types of files that you want to copy.

I am guessing that you have used hypervisors which allow the drag and
dropping of files from the host to the guest (that is the VM).  To my
knowledge, Virt-Manager does not provide this feature. 

FYI: I really, really, like Virt-Manager as a GUI, although it
provides only basic management of the VMs, it does do a great job and
has the features that I require. Once you get to know how Virt-Manager
works, I hope you find it extremely useful too.


On Friday, 07-02-2020 at 17:31 bikuan zhang wrote:

I always use virt-manager to manage my virtual machines,but when I try
to copy file from host to the virtual machine, I find it can't use
mouse to drag the file to the virtual machine. It's very inconvenient.
I would like to know if it is because I didn't set it up correctly, or
because virt-manager doesn't yet support this feature.
Expecting a reply. Thanks.
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