[PATCH] virtmanager: Fixed the legacy firmware installation error

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Mon Jan 11 18:28:22 UTC 2021

On 1/5/21 2:34 AM, Cho, Yu-Chen wrote:
> When we choose /usr/share/qemu/bios.bin or /usr/share/qemu/bios-256k.bin
> in Customize configuration before install, show this error message:
> Unable to complete install: 'operation failed: unable to find any master var store for loader: /usr/share/qemu/bios.bin'

This still seems to have tabs vs spaces issues, just running
virt-manager from git after applying this gives me a backtrace.

How are you selecting bios.bin/bios-256k.bin in the virt-manager UI
exactly? There's a 'Firmware' option for selecting OVMF or BIOS
(meaning, let qemu choose the default) but on my machine there is no
explicit bios*.bin option

- Cole

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