virtio-blk and virtio-scsi driver don't work with bhyve

Mario Marietto marietto2008 at
Thu Mar 17 16:02:04 UTC 2022

I've already tried on Linux and it works well. Only if Windows is the guest
OS,it does not work.

bhyve -S -c sockets=1,cores=2,threads=2 -m 4G -w -H -A \
-s 0,hostbridge \
-s 1,ahci-hd,/dev/nvd0 \
-s 2,virtio-blk,/dev/da4 \
-s 3,virtio-blk,/dev/da2 \
-s 4:0,passthru,2/0/0 \
-s 4:1,passthru,2/0/1 \
-s 4:2,passthru,2/0/2 \
-s 4:3,passthru,2/0/3 \
-s 8,virtio-net,tap2 \
-s 9,virtio-9p,sharename=/ \
-s 10,hda,play=/dev/dsp,rec=/dev/dsp \
-s 29,fbuf,tcp=,w=1440,h=900 \
-s 30,xhci,tablet \
-s 31,lpc \
-l bootrom,/usr/local/share/uefi-firmware/BHYVE_BHF_CODE.fd \
vm2 < /dev/null & sleep 2 && vncviewer 0:2

Using the whole disks in bhyve the da4 and da2 disks are recognized by
fdisk and by Ubuntu.

So,the problem is in the virtio-win driver. I wasn't wrong ! Can you give
me their bug tracker ? So,take note. Even asking to the wrong place,the
wrong person is redirecting me to the right path ? So I'm totally in the
right place. ;D

Il giorno gio 17 mar 2022 alle ore 16:48 Andrea Bolognani <
abologna at> ha scritto:

> On Thu, Mar 17, 2022 at 02:31:58PM +0100, Mario Marietto wrote:
> > Since we are not talking about FreeBSD,but of a driver which works on
> > FreeBSD (virtio-blk),I'd thought that you could give some help.
> I don't think you have successfully determined that the issue is in
> the guest driver as opposed to the hypervisor: if anything
>   *Assertion failed: (n >= 2 && n <= BLOCKIF_IOV_MAX + 2), function
>   pci_vtblk_proc, file /usr/src/usr.s
>   bin/bhyve/pci_virtio_block.c, line 324.*
> from your original message seems to point to bhyve and thus FreeBSD.
> In order to track down the problem, you could try using the same
> virtual hardware configuration but install Linux or FreeBSD as the
> guest OS: if none of those work, then either bhyve's implementation
> of virtio-blk is buggy or you're trying to do something that's simply
> not supposed to work. If those work but Windows doesn't then the
> problem is likely in virtio-win and you should report it to their bug
> tracker.
> --
> Andrea Bolognani / Red Hat / Virtualization

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