[Virtio-fs] restorcon/SELinux virtiofs question

Harry G. Coin hgcoin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 16:52:51 UTC 2020

Hello virtiofs team.  I need clarification about a 'restorecon' selinux
guest giving an 'operation not supported' response.

If the host fs is btrfs (with xattr enabled in virtiofsd) but not
running SELinux, and the guest has virtiofs root with selinux active,
what version [if any] for virtiofs is necessary before I can expect the
restorecon command to operate properly?  (Or, maybe I've missed a config
setting somewhere?) 

Packages such as freeipa fail to install because they issue dozens of
'restorecon' calls which fail using virtiofs.


Harry Coin

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