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Ati r128 pro and DVI connected LCD

We are experimenting a bit with Wolverine and an OEM lcd panel that
connected to the video card via the DVI connector.  During the gui
installation, X started up and the test of the X configuration with both
the r128 (generic) and r128 server modules worked in that  could click
the " if you see this box click ok" or whatever the dialog says.  Upon
reboot, the display comes up fine but as soon as I startx both as root
and a normal user, the display blanks and the the keyboard becomes

Where do I go from here?  If I get the gui installation with the pretty
graphics does that mean that X is running on that board?  If so, this is
a huge step forward as under XFree86 v 3.x the support for the DDC
querying of the hard ware was not there and we experienced the same
symtoms we are seeing now.

If X is used for the pretty gui installation, how is it setup for the
install.  If I could replicate that I feel I might have a chance at a
building a working Xconfig-4  that  will get us where we want to go.

BTW we experience the same thing under v 4.03 rpms on rawhide.

What diagnostics are needed and how do I produce them?  Is this list the
place to work through this?

Any help appreciated.  I would really like to get this card working as
the one we are using currently is out of production although still
availible through our dvi receiver vendor.


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