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Re: Nvidia drivers

On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, Jean Francois Martinez wrote:

> I am using Wolverine kernel.   I just recompiled the src.rpm for the  kernel
> module and it worked.
> If I refer to several performance tests I have seen, NVIdia cards not only beat
> the
> pants to other cards of same generation but Linux drivers gave (a few months
> ago)
> pêrfomance nearly as good as Windows ones.  That was not the case for other
> cards.

Just out of curiosity, did you compile in support for the AGP GART into
the kernel, or as a module?

I get hard lockups at random with my current set-up, but haven't been able
to pinpoint what's causing it -- the Nvidia kernel driver, the kernel
itself, X or whatever.

> > I'm not saying "open source your drivers" - that's one decision. The
> > thing I think is bad is "we won't tell you the specs of this card so
> > you can create a driver for it". Doing both of them would certainly be
> > an option.
> >
> Open source  or distribute their specs  would be nice but I understand a
> company who
> does not want to do this.  What I don't understand is a company who does not
> want people
> redistribute something who is freeware (their drivers).

Dave Konerding covered this issue very well -- if a hardware vendor
releases the specs to all of its products, it might as well shut up shop
that day because the clone makers will rip them off in an instant.

Apparently, neither ATi nor Matrox have given full access to Open Source
developers, which means that their drivers aren't as good as the Windows

> > Only in 2D. NVidia refuses to release specs. Buy something else.

Something with even less support than nVidia's products?

> Again NVIdia Linux driver 90% speed of the Windows driver (that was the old
> one).
> Matrox Linux driver was something like 60% speed of the Windows driver.
> Matrox is treating us as second class
> customers.

I think it would be helpful if ATi and Matrox were to release Linux
drivers for their products. After all, they know them the best
(presumably) and thus should be able to write decent drivers for them. So
what if they're not Open Source...



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