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Re: ReiserFS Installation support on RedHat 7.1


Em Ter 03 Abr 2001 12:13, Trond Eivind Glomsrød escreveu:
> Thiago Vinhas de Moraes <tvinhas simpleweb com br> writes:
> > Does anyone know why RedHat refuse adding support for ReiserFS partitions
> > on the installation of RedHat.
> It wasn't in standard 2.4 in time, neither is it considered mature enough.
> As it is, it's on the brink of non-existance in our kernels.

It's currently a native part of the kernel, since the 2.4.1 release (the 
2.4.3 was recently announced, and include several reiserfs bug fixes).

> > Can anyone explains me why RedHat doesn not want to add ReiserFS to their
> > distro? All other distros already has this possibility. Mandrake, SuSE,
> > Conectiva, etc...
> Their problem - it has had quite a few holes and corruption issues
> recently.

In fact, it's our problem, because all the users that use ReiserFS are really 
happy (this explain why they use it).
I know it had some corruption problems in the past, but in my modest opinion, 
you should test it better with the 2.4.3 kernel + alan cox recent patches.


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