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Re: ReiserFS Installation support on RedHat 7.1

Please don't get rid of it just yet! Even if its just
in there as "use at your own risk" status. Right now
I'm putting together a 280Gig/raid0 partition and
I really need a journaling file system for this. Currently
I'm using rawhide's latest kernel recomplied to turn
off reiserfs file system checking to get the best
performance. I'll let you guys know if I have any trouble
with it. As of now, (I'm running the mongo.pl bench
mark on it) it seems to be OK. My plan is to load
it up with 100gigs of mirror distributions which will
provide a good test for reliablity.

If there are any stress tests which Red Hat would
like for me to run on this system, I'll be glad to
do so so long as the request comes in within the
next couple of hours. I want to bring this mirror
system back online soon.


"Glen A. Foster" wrote:
> Thiago Vinhas de Moraes wrote:
> >
> > Can anyone explains me why RedHat doesn not want to add ReiserFS to their
> > distro? All other distros already has this possibility. Mandrake, SuSE,
> > Conectiva, etc...
> It's a question of reliability -- ReiserFS is known to show corruption
> defects here and there, and as a general rule we (Red Hat) strive to
> ship (and hence, support) features/products that are reliable.
> We *are* interested in ReiserFS, and have said so publically (even on
> this list, several times).  Once it's proven reliable, we'll put some
> effort into evalation and, if warranted, production.  Until then, my
> job dictates that I advocate not supporting it.
> Glen
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