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Re: ReiserFS Installation support on RedHat 7.1

Stephen Adler wrote:

> Please don't get rid of it just yet! Even if its just
> in there as "use at your own risk" status. Right now
> I'm putting together a 280Gig/raid0 partition and
> I really need a journaling file system for this. Currently
> I'm using rawhide's latest kernel recomplied to turn
> off reiserfs file system checking to get the best
> performance. I'll let you guys know if I have any trouble
> with it. As of now, (I'm running the mongo.pl bench
> mark on it) it seems to be OK. My plan is to load
> it up with 100gigs of mirror distributions which will
> provide a good test for reliablity.

After reading the rieserfs docs I got the feeling that it did not acually have
journaling capabilities yet but did recover most of the time from hard
shutdowns.  Has this been added recently?  I may have been looking at an older
version of the paper.  The paper went into detail about the use o the balanced
tree approach and the performance gains achieved especially for large
directories and small files.  At least that is what I got out of it.  It looks
like to me that the port of sgi's XFS will be pretty strong in the near future.
I have not actually played with any of it yet although I need to.

my two cents

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