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RE: Using the 2.4 kernel on RH7.0


Based on your email, which encouraged me, I reloaded
the 2.4 kernel rpm ignoring the dependencies, and
with your modprobe pointer (thanks), 2.4.1 is up and running
(except for the NFS lock daemon).  Rather simple actually :)

Thanks and best regards,


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I am running a kernel 2.4.3 on a guinness box without any (major)
problem but I did not get kernel 2.4 rpms. I downloaded the tarball
archive from ftp.kernel.org and compiled it by my-self. There is 2.2 and
2.4 entries in the lilo... I just dont want to have an rpm for my kernel.

If you want to run ipchains with 2.4 then just modprobe ipchains before
your ipchains-restore.


Kern wrote :
> Hello,
> Wanting to experiment with the 2.4 kernel without
> spending the time to build it from source, I
> recently downloaded the Wolverine rpm kernel and
> tried to install it. I quickly learned that if
> I wanted to avoid dependency problems I needed
> to load:
>   kernel-2.4.1
>   Xconfigurator-4.9.7
>   kudzu-0.96.7
>   mkinitrd-3.0.6
>   modutils-2.4.2
> All but Xconfigurator seem reasonable to me. Anyway,
> I installed the rpms for each of the above on RH7.0,
> fixed up lilo for dual boot, and rebooted.   
> There were a few problems in booting: the lock daemon
> for NFS failed - not too serious, my old ipchains 
> firewall calls all failed - not too serious, but it
> ran (sort of). 
> The main problem I had was that X started to initialize
> then immediately died over and over in a loop.
> It was a bit late so rather than fight it, I gave up and
> backed out everything and fixed up the bad XF86Config file.
> So, finally, to the question: does anyone out there have
> experience on how to dual boot RH7.0 with the 2.2 kernel
> and the 2.4 kernel and have each coexist with the other?

	 Dams Nadé
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Association AMIN : http://amin.unice.fr/
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