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RE: Wolverine and up2date: Open the Floodgates!

You may want to mention that the new up2date rpms require the updated
python-xmlrpc rpm as well, otherwise you get the error I sent to the list

Thanks to Adrian Likins for pointing that out for me.

I'm wondering...if I had just run up2date -u up2date, would it have
automatically installed the new python rpm as well?

Philip Senechal

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Subject: Wolverine and up2date: Open the Floodgates!

Stephen Adler wrote:
> Looks like my mirror is now synced up with Rawhide.
> Is there anything more going into the rawhide distribution tonight?
> Its its safe to up2date my system?

Two arms, Two arms -- the upgrades are coming!  The upgrades are coming!
OK, howzabout 10 fingers on 2 hands?  How's about a virtually painless
up2date session to bring Wolverine up to today's rawhide?  And what if
the new version of up2date actually upgrades your kernel for you?!?!

		<Drumroll> Ahem! -- read on! </Drumroll>

It's been somewhat tested folks, and we need YOUR help to finalize some
details... in the spirit of "more better, gooder" from Red Hat, there's
some goodies in store with the public beta server beta.rhns.redhat.com!
All you have to do is:

	(*) Read ALL of these steps; don't start typing and reading at
		the same time -- you'll increase your karma and experience
		reading and "being fully prepared" 8=)
	(a) make sure your redhat-release package is the same as the
		original Wolverine version
	(b) make sure /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date has the URL that points
		to beta.rhns.redhat.com
	(c) make sure /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date is MODIFIED somehow --
		adding a blank line (at the end of the file) of the
		original is sufficient -- see my posting to this list
		on 02-Apr entitled "Re: up2date not  for Beta Users..."
	(d) grab the up2date and up2date-gnome packages (via ftp) from
		the rawhide directory on ftp.redhat.com
		(ftp> cd redhat/linux/rawhide/i386/RedHat/RPMS)
	(e) REALLY IMPORTANT: make sure you have at least 2x RAM for
		swap -- up2date, like the installer, is hungry and
		uses a surprisingly small-yet-still-large backing store
		If you have spare partitions for swap, use 'em; if
		you have extra file-system space, make swap-files
		and use 'em.  You'll get mostly-usable performance.
	(f) ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: make sure /var/spool/up2date has
		sufficient space for download all the RPMs.  If you
		have not upgraded any packages (via rawhide or up2date)
		since the original Wolverine, you're in for a hefty
		1.75GB (that's Gig!) of RPMs to download/install.
	(g) upgrade the up2date and up2date-gnome packages (as root)
	(h) run "up2date --nosig", follow the pretty GUI interface in
		it's journey and watch your system get upgraded.  It's
		pretty slow with the Wolverine (2.4.1-0.1.9) kernel.

Do NOT forget the --nosig option to up2date; if you're doing the stock
Wolverine-upgraded-to-the-05-Apr-Rawhide thing, you'll have over 600
packages to download, and you DON'T want to press "Yes" to the dialog
box that asks if you want to download an unsigned pacakge. :-( ;-)


... it's imperative you have your /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date file have
the beta.rhns.redhat.com URL in it AND that it be modified as compared
to the original version available in the Wolverine beta.  The best way
I've been able to assure it doesn't get upgraded is to add a blank line
at the end of the file before running up2date.  It's also imperative
that the redhat-release package be the same version shipped with

E.g., the up2date server on beta.rhns.redhat.com serves up 7.0.91
"release" packages or x86 architectures *only*.

Make sure you have sufficient swap -- 2x-to-3x for the upgrade is HIGHLY
recommended.  It's really not that bad -- Windoze users typically are
asked to create a 600MB+ swap-file for 128MB RAM systems.

Make sure you have sufficent space in /var/spool/up2date -- again, the
full stock-Wolverine-to-rawhide-of-today is 1.75GB(!).

#endif	/* DO_NOT_FORGET */

	- latest-and-greatest rawhide packages (since 17-Mar or so)
		... too numerous to mention (613 in all - hey, I told
		you we were *busy*!) but most notably:

		o kernel-2.4.2-0.1.49 (better performance, fewer bugs :-)
		o XFree86-4.0.3
		o KDE-2.1.1
		o quota-3.00
		o openssh-2.5.2p2
		o <a lot of other stuff I'm not mentioning, and>
		o up2date-2.4.9

	- the new-and-improved up2date can UPGRADE YOUR KERNEL (and run
		mkinitrd if needed, and re-run lilo) for reasonably
		"sane" renditions of "/etc/lilo.conf" (YMMV and we
		would like help testing this feature ASAP)!

	- the new kernel has much better VM balancing, as well as an
		entire slew of driver fixes - much, MUCH better stuff

#ifdef	CAVEAT
The lilo.conf parser passed the few off config files we had here in
the office (and from Red Hat associated world-wide who contributed
test-cases), but there's LOTS more of you than there are of us.
Hence the power of number, and hence my request for testing help!

If your /etc/lilo.conf is pretty "vanilla", the kernel upgrade in the
up2date run should Just Work(tm).

If you're running a fairly, uh, *unique* lilo.conf, your system would
make a good test-candidate and we'd LOVE to get your feedback (and even
a bugzilla report if it gets hosed)... don't worry, I'll include the
steps to take to minimize said hosing, and get you back on your feet.
#endif	/* CAVEAT */


OPPORTUNITY: It would be "really cool" if people could test this by:

	[0] make a boot disk (or if you've got a CD-ROM with the same
		version of boot-kernel that you're running on your
		live system, that's even better) -- it's better to HAVE
		a rescue-boot-image and not need it than to NEED it and
		NOT have it! [:-)]
        [1] save a copy of your /etc/lilo.conf (the "before" version)
        [2] upgrade your up2date and up2date-gnome packages, ensure
		redhat-release is still the 7.0.91 version, and update
		your entire system (don't forget "up2date --nosig"!)
        [3] boot up the new kernel (expected case), or recover from old
		CD-ROM/boot-image if needed (hopefully unnecessary)
        [4] file a bug (http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla) if the
                upgrade did NOT work and include a copy of the before
                (working) and after (broken) version in the report

#endif	/* TEST_PROCEDURE */

Again, I hope the instructions here are sufficient.  We hope you
enjoy the new features available in rawhide, and as always, thanks
for your effort, your feedback, your interest, and your *time*!

| Glen A. Foster                      Red Hat, Inc. |
| 919.547-0012 x415                  www.redhat.com |

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