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Re: New up2dates

On 06 Apr 2001 23:01:41 -0500, Mike Chambers wrote:
> Welp, after deciding to move to wolverine and help beta test the new stuff,
> I did it.
> All I did after doing a complete install was ftp to rawhide and get teh two
> up2date packages and the one python package.  Updated those and up2date
> worked just fine without having to modify anything.
> So far so good and no errors as of yet.

Ya, I did a painless upgrade on my 586 box here last night. However, I
did a Wolverine upgrade of a RH7 box at work and then tried the update
to the latest stuff and it barfed connecting to the server. Not sure if
you have to do a base install rather than an upgrade to get all the
ducks in a row. I used the up2date config to change the systemid to
7.0.91-1 but it kept giving me a "expecting read-only buffer..." message
when trying to connect and then kacking. I updated to Preston's latest
build, too, but that didn't help. Oh well...


I note that there is a new bug-fixed openssl out on freshmeat. I am sure
RH is right on top of this to add it to the latest and greatest :-))

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