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BETTER instructions for Wolverine up2date

OK, it looks like my instructions are/were incomplete.  I won't
go into the do-this-because clauses, I'll just re-specify what
should be the *complete* set of steps to make this work... I
also got a better mod for /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date (makes much
more sense), so I'll add that in the re-specified verision.

Thanks for everyone's patience with this, too!

#ifdef	OOPS
	tries++;	/* up2date and RHN "how-to" */
#ifdef	CAVEAT
In the following instructions, I deal with GUI-mode.  I would
need someone else more familiar with TUI-mode to translate...

[0] Get Wolverine on your system via one of the following methods:
	- Upgrade from 6.2, upgrade from 7.0, or fresh install
		= CD install (burned from Wolverine ISOs)
		= Hard-drive-partition install using ISO images
		= NFS/FTP/HTTP install from network server

[2] At first boot, edit the file /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date; either
	- change "useGPG=1" to "useGPG=0"
	- add a blank line to the end of the file

[3] Run "rpm -V up2date" and verify the following line is printed:
	S.5....T c /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date

*** If you don't see the above line, it means the up2date config-file
*** has not been modified and you should go back to step [2]

[3] Login on X (if you haven't already) and run (as root) "up2date -r"
	- This is an anonymous-registration, which can ONLY be done
	  done with the Wolverine version of up2date.
	- Press the Cancel button when it first activates

[4] Run "ftp ftp.redhat.com" and get the python-xmlrpm rpm
	$ ftp ftp.redhat.com	(using anonymous ftp)
	ftp> cd redhat/linux/rawhide/i386/RedHat/RPMS
	ftp> get python-xmlrpc-1.4-1.i386.rpm

[5] Either grab the latest up2date and up2date-gnome RPMs from the
    ftp site (while you're there in step [4]) or get even newer ones
    from the URL http://people.redhat.com/pbrown

[6] Upgrade your up2date, up2date-gnome, and python-xmlrpc RPMs:
	$ rpm -Uvh up2date*.rpm python-xmlrpc-1.4-1.i386.rpm

[7] Re-run up2date.  If you didn't change the useGPG=1 line in step [2]
    above, you're going to want to invoke it as "up2date --nosig".

*That* should (just about) take care of it.

| Glen A. Foster                      Red Hat, Inc. |
| 919.547-0012 x415                  www.redhat.com |

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