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Re: Wolverine and up2date: Open the Floodgates!

On Fri, 06 Apr 2001 01:03:46 -0400, "Glen A. Foster" <glen redhat com> wrote:


:>#ifdef	CAVEAT
:>The lilo.conf parser passed the few off config files we had here in
:>the office (and from Red Hat associated world-wide who contributed
:>test-cases), but there's LOTS more of you than there are of us.
:>Hence the power of number, and hence my request for testing help!
:>If your /etc/lilo.conf is pretty "vanilla", the kernel upgrade in the
:>up2date run should Just Work(tm).

I had a vanilla system that was completely up-to-date with changes before

:>If you're running a fairly, uh, *unique* lilo.conf, your system would
:>make a good test-candidate and we'd LOVE to get your feedback (and even
:>a bugzilla report if it gets hosed)... don't worry, I'll include the
:>steps to take to minimize said hosing, and get you back on your feet.

I did the "throw caution to the wind" approach. Using the update agent from
KDE, I installed all the not-skipped packages. I then used the update agent to
install what was left (including the kernel). It added the new kernel and left
the old one. I did a lilo before rebooting. 

Everything went as advertised. Thought you might like a "no problems" thus far

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