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Re: Allowing access to a newly installed machine

From: "Michael J. McGillick" <mike software-specialists net>

> Umm .. maybe I need to be a little clearer here.
> This was a fresh install of the wovlerine beta.  During the install, I'm
> prompted with a screen that asks what level of security would I like, and
> are there any services (you check off the box) that you would like to
> have.  I checked the box marked SSH and the one marked HTTP.  Does the
> install only allow access for a SSH client from the machine you're on
> out, or does it also allow access for other SSH clients to come in?  HTTP
> the same?
> - Mike

You asked for highest security. You got it. Now you have to configure the
security to poke intentional holes in it for those items you wish. Since
security is not a static process it behooves you to learn enough about
your system to poke these intentional holes.

Not knowing the intimate details of your setup, and not having time to have
explored Wolverine very much I cannot help you in detail. If you have DNS
or DHCP up a different line may be needed than if you use a "hosts" file
for the local network.

If your new system is behind a firewall from the remote systems you tried
to call in from that firewall may have to have a hole poked in it for ssh.
If the firewall is on your own machine read up on ipchains (or iptables 
now I believe) and with careful thought craft the specific holes you need.
If tcpwrappers is involved you may need to edit the hosts.allow and the
hosts.deny files in the /etc directory.


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