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Re: Allowing access to a newly installed machine

Are you connecting via LAN or from the Internet?

If your trying to connect from within the LAN, try adding the host for your
other box(s) to the /etc/hosts file and restart your network or reboot.

Also have you checked all your settings on the client side if your using
windows and making sure your not using something that might not be
supported?  I use SecureCRT and just select the ssh1 option, add host and
login and that's it and it connects.  If your using ssh2, you have to change
the ssh server setting to standard or otherwise it won't connect.

Oh, on a side note, I would select "no firewall" on future installs of
wolverine or future official release until you either know exactly what
rules are set or you make your own from scratch.

Maybe you even might reinstall just for heck of it without firewall to
compare since nothing has been done on the box yet.


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Subject: Re: Allowing access to a newly installed machine

> Tom:
> Thanks for the suggestions.
> I'm baffled.  I've checked everything I know to check.  /etc/hosts.deny
> and /etc/hosts.allow are both blank.  I even tried adding a line to allow
> all from one of my internal machines in /etc/hosts.allow.  Further, I
> commented out every ipchains rule, and did a restart on ipchains.  To
> verify this took, I did an ipchains -L input and see that the default
> policy is accept with no other rules present.
> Still getting access denied.  Again, this was a brand new install, and
> I've touched none of the files on the system, aside from the changes I
> made above.  I looked in both /var/log/messages, and /var/log/secure, and
> am showing no logging at all.  After perusing the man page for ipchains,
> I added the -l option to the 2 last rules in the ipchains file, but still
> nothing showed up.
> I'm happy to say it appears something is doing its job because I'm able to
> get out, but I'm not getting in :)
> Am I misunderstanding something here, or if the installer asks me how I
> want it to be set up, shouldn't this be how it gets set up?  I understand
> some final system tuning may need to take place later, but I think I
> clearly understood what the installer was asking me to set up.
> I also understand that the installer is no substitute for reading, and
> I've done a lot of this with prior versions of the software.  I've built
> my own firewall script that works just fine under 7.0, but I'm trying to
> troubleshoot what is most likely something stupid I did on my part, but
> may, in fact, be a problem with how the installer sets things up.
> Again, thanks for your time and answers Tom.  Any other ideas of where to
> look?

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