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NFS question

I have a local partition that I use to store and share rpm's , tar
balls, etc.. It is exported via nfs but it is not mounted at boot .
What is happening is after it has been mounted , exported and
mounted-unmounted from a remote workstation , ( clients are linux/x86
k-2.4.1), I can no longer unmount it. I get a device busy error and the
best I can do is re-mount it read only. It is ext2fs, exported  ( rw,
no_root_squash ).
It has been excluded from slocate.cron and as far as I can tell using
lsof and ps there is no reason for it to be busy.
The reason I don't want to keep it mounted is that I have been having
strange behavior after heavy NFS activity. Things like 'more' core
dumping and up-arrow, bash_history access causing  a logout from the
console. If I have a meltdown I don't want to take any other partitions

Another nfs thing which seems new is that exportfs doesn't appear to
read /etc/hosts when exporting / and only allows exporting to IP
addresses - probably a good thing but it took me a while sort out.

Is using nfs with the new kernel considered stable ??


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