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Re: Differences between "source" RPMs

dsavage peaknet net wrote:
> kernel-source = a simple RPM version of the original tarball (no value added)
> kernel.src.rpm = Red Hat's custom kernel w/all patches, SPEC file, etc.
> If I read you correctly, the .src.rpm file is generally the more useful of the
> two for most Red Hatters. Exceptions would include occasions when one wants to
> compile a custom kernel using Alan Cox's patches instead of Red Hat's. Right?
> There really was a reason for my question other than idle curiosity.  VMWare's
> initial configuration utility looks for certain files in the /usr/src/linux
> tree. If it doesn't find them, you must go through the bother of recompiling to
> create them. By installing the .src.rpm, it appears I should be able to
> configure VMWare without recompiling. (mutter..mutter..mutter....)

No. the src.rpm will put the linux-*.tar.bz2, patches, and configs in

The source-*.rpm will install the patched kernel tree in /usr/src

VMWare needs the current, running kerenl's header files to
build a kernel module. The sources-*rpm will give you these.
With the src.rpm you will have to untar the tar.bz file, probably
apply the correct RedHat patches, the configure the kernel (use
the correct supplied config file and 'make [x|menu|old]config'),
'make dep' and possibly build the kernel and modules to
make sure the tree is setup correctly for VMware.

For Alan Cox's patches you need the FULL tar ball for
a kernel mirror. The linux*.tar.bz2 file in the src.rpm
is missing the non Red Hat archetictures (it think) like
ppc, ARM, and SPARC. Without thaose the ac* patches will
not apply cleanly. the source-*.rpm will be even worse
since it has other patches that the ac patches don't know
about and will likely not work.


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