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Some general impressions


I have been using Wolverine and latest rawhide builds for quite some time, 
they felt quite stable, so I thought I'd burn up the latest and greatest 
rawhide and gather some impressions from the students that took our RH033 
last week. Some of these points are still valid for 7.0 as well.

- Quite a few people don't understand if the checkboxes in anaconda are 
pressed or not. They should have an "X" when marked (This might sound funny 
to most of us, but probably isn't for users moving over from windows)

- The "Remaining space" option in Disk Druid is not clear to almost any.

- In Kde2 when you choose the "Open with:" command in any kde2 app, the Gnome 
applications have their icon three times the size of the normall small kde 

- The fact that in Gnome (or in Kde..) there's a different submenu for kde 
apps, generates massive confusion. And in some cases there are even double 
entries for the same app, in the standard menus and then in the "other 
desktop" submenu. (xmms for example when using kde2 appears both in 
kde/multimedia and under gnome programs)

-  Core files : Icons that look like bombs aren't very well seen :-). What I 
mean, is that it would probably be much better setting by default "ulimit -c 
0" in /etc/profile, since developers know how to enable it anyway and users 
normally aren't really able to do much with a core dump in any case.

That's what comes to mind right now. They're all rather small issues but 
rather big for complete newbies. For the rest, I personally really like it 
(if only the kernel-2.4.2-0.1.49 would always compile)
Computers are like airconditioners: 
                      They stop working properly if you open windows.

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