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Re: Up and running on Seawolf!!!

On Mon, 16 Apr 2001 10:23:13 -0400, Matt Wilson <msw redhat com> wrote:

:>It should be ready on ftp.redhat.com, I'll ask our sales people about
:>the Out of Stock messages.
:>Also, ftp.uselinux.org and other mirrors should be open.
:>Thanks to all you out there who used Fisher and Wolverine - 7.1 would
:>have been impossible without all your feedback.

I am running Wolverine and plan on buying 7.1. Should I do a clean install or
just install over Wolverine?

Does this mean that the Wolverine list will be shutting down now?

I was hoping to receive some advice on a previous post, i.e.

Take the following actions on a completely up-to-date Wolverine system:

login as root
term --> do a last -10; maybe a ps aux
logout of KDE not saving setup

***  error messages on screen ***
several error messages on the screen (looks like some rolled off also)
Xlib: extension "Render" missing on display ":0.0."  (3 at the top of screen)
ps: error: Process ID list syntax error (followed by 3 lines of syntax info)
Xlib: extension "Render" missing on display ":0.0."  (4 of these)
[artsd] ** Fatal error (exiting) ** cpu overload, aborting  (WOW!)
Double QObject deletion detected
Waiting for X server to shut down
Kdeint: Fatal IO error client killed
Kdeint: sending SIGUP to children
Kdeint: sending SIGTERM to children
Exit on signal 15
***  error messages on screen ***

last -10

Besides root on tty0, root on pts/0 still logged in. Also, the reboot forced
several other instances of root on pts/n to be downed. 

For example, after reboot and logging in as username, doing a startx, leaving
startx, logging out, logging back in as username:

I do a last -10 or users and have a username logged in twice. I am running
the current version of Wolverine. Last says

username pts/0 still logged in
users --> username username

How can I terminate the username on pts/0?  None of the username processes
show up in
ps aux.


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