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Re: The missing 7.1???

On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Tom Diehl wrote:

>> > Do we need to wait until april 23 as it says when you click on the buy
>> > icon???
>> You should be able to buy it RSN. It is already available from the ftp site.
>Yea, but I think the question was why is it not shipping until the 23rd?

I don't know the exact reason, however I shall speculate a very
likely educated guess..  When we deemed it ready, we built the
ISO images, and put them up for FTP ASAP.  It is impossible to
have CD's duplicated in 24h.  So, if we release simultaneously on
CDROM that you can purchase, at the same time that we release on
the FTP site, then we would simply be sitting on the ISO's for a
week or 2 until CD duplication is done.

This way, you can download it right _now_ instead of waiting, if
you desire.  Again, this is my own personal speculation.  I'll
let (Matt|Trond|someone) give the definitive answer.

>Now off to subscribe to the seawolf list. :-) There is one isn't there?
>I will know in about a minute.

Not sure yet, I hope so though.

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