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Re: Price change

Hi Jean,

On Tue, 17 Apr 2001, Jean Francois Martinez wrote:

> Because I am not RedHat personnel I am free to say it would be fun if
> RedHat solved this kind of verbal abuse in XVIII century style: each
> time someone compared them to Microsoft they would send him a guy who
> would challenge the culprit to a sword duel. 
Nah. Not swords. Pistols are more fun...

> ;-)  Of course professional duellists usually win against normal
> citizens.
See, that's just tough luck for the citizen.

Serious now. I'd guess the best thing to do is just ignore these morons.
Just as on slashdot.
There was someone on IRC yesterday who just started on linux and was
asking for help. He thought je was just rooted because someone changed his
root password during the night.
Well, it seems he didn't apply his security patches. Tough luck.
But when we asked him what distribution he used it was: "RedHat. Yeah, I
know it sucks..."

See, that's good indoctrination. A complete and utter newbie at unix got
just h4x0rd and he already knows what sucks. That's what I call education!


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