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Re: Price change

Dear Mr. Burgess,

With respect, what you say is the standard line that keeps Linux growing in
the US market. Unfortunately, it is also symptomatic of the arrogance that
scares off the less knowledgeable consumer.

Like it or not, most consumers are not comfortable with the "newfangled"
(aka unfamiliar) ways of getting the latest version of Linux. Not everyone
has a "high-speed" connection. (I have downloaded many isos this way) Just
as people distrust the latest and greatest drug that is copied and marketed
by an overseas manufacturer, many people distrust copies of Linux sold by
people like CheapBytes (btw, that is where I get my copies). Not everyone
has easy access to Universities with Linux User Groups. And those that do
fear being put down by University students, even if the fear is only in
their own minds.

Yes, these are ways in which Linux is supirior to Microsoft. But until we
have universal "high-speed" access, until people understand the quality of
copies in Linux, until people get over their fears of cooperating in this
capitalistic society, these are also ways to turn people off from Linux.

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> On Tue, Apr 17, 2001 at 08:12:37AM +0700, Ethan Bonick wrote:
> >  As a student I do not have much money and as seeing I
> > just bought 7.0 a few months back for $30, why should
> > I spend another $40 to just upgrade my Linux. That
> But the point is you don't have to spend $40. As others have pointed
> out, there is free download and also CDs from cheapbytes are $5 or so.
> Also, I know the local university here has a LUG, and they are always
> burning and giving away CD's of various distros. You might look into
> that. Or you could team up with a few other students and split the
> cost. These are all perfectly legal ways of installing RH, and
> perfectly illegal for MS products. 
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