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Re: Price change

And Mr rpjday,

How many people in this capitalistic world are willing to share rooms, cars,
and computers?

I do not see how the sharing of an operating system invalidates any of my

I am a supporter of GNU and Linux. As I said in my previous note, I get my
distros from CheapBytes.

I am just suggesting that we should have a little sympathy for the rest of
the world. Without it, GNU and Linux is going nowhere in the consumer world.

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> On Tue, 17 Apr 2001, Michael Jang wrote:
> > Dear Mr. Burgess,
> >
> > With respect, what you say is the standard line that keeps Linux growing
> > the US market. Unfortunately, it is also symptomatic of the arrogance
> > scares off the less knowledgeable consumer.
> >
> > Like it or not, most consumers are not comfortable with the "newfangled"
> > (aka unfamiliar) ways of getting the latest version of Linux. Not
> > has a "high-speed" connection. (I have downloaded many isos this way)
> > as people distrust the latest and greatest drug that is copied and
> > by an overseas manufacturer, many people distrust copies of Linux sold
> > people like CheapBytes (btw, that is where I get my copies). Not
> > has easy access to Universities with Linux User Groups. And those that
> > fear being put down by University students, even if the fear is only in
> > their own minds.
> >
> > Yes, these are ways in which Linux is supirior to Microsoft. But until
> > have universal "high-speed" access, until people understand the quality
> > copies in Linux, until people get over their fears of cooperating in
> > capitalistic society, these are also ways to turn people off from Linux.
> and while you have a point here, you completely undermine your own
> argument by failing to mention that mr. burgiss (note correct spelling)
> also suggested, as a last resort, that a number of people can always
> pool a few bucks apiece and buy a boxed set that they can *legally*
> share, which invalidates *all* of your objections.
> ye gods, man, you can get a fully-functional, multi-user, network-aware
> operating system for the price of a couple of serious pizzas, or you
> can download it, get it from cheapbytes for a couple of bucks or
> just borrow it from a friend.  how much easier do you feel this
> has to be?  sheesh.
> rday
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