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Re: Does RH-7.1 run Star Office??

On Tue, 17 Apr 2001, Neal Pollack wrote:

> I had heard that wolverine, and hence 7.1 were having
> trouble waiting for Sun, IBM, Blackdown, etc to write
> a version of the Java RunTime that was compatible
> with the 2.4 kernel?  If this is still true,
> it could mean that StarOffice could not run, since
> star office 5.2 needs to have a java runtime environment
> that is stable.
> Do any of the Redhat staff on this list, or anyone else,
> know if StarOffice is working on Seawolf (Redhat 7.1)?

Don't normally use Star Office, but we use java for our Oracle
Application applets at work. I'll try installing it here. I did hear
something about the major java vendors making invalid assumptions based on
2.2 kernels, there is an environment variable (I need to look it up, but
it's something like JAVA_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 but don't quote that) that
will make things work until Sun and IBM fix their jdk's.

Chris Kloiber, RHCE
Commercial Support - Red Hat, Inc.

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