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Re: OT: D'Bridge Fido Mailer (was Price change)

On Wed, 18 Apr 2001, Ryan wrote:

> Completely off topic, but a question for the wise:
> Does anyone remember the old days of "FidoNet" and the various BBS
> front-end mailers that system operators (SysOps) ran?  D'Bridge was one
> such front-end mailer.  It was a pay-for-a-unique-key type program, and
> you had a file like DB003230.KEY that was unique to you.  If you shared
> this key with you buddy John Doe who ran a BBS across town, you would run
> into problems if your mailer ever connected with his mailer, because the
> two would shut down due to the copied key.  Does this sound familiar to
> anyone, and is this type of technology used in any programs (on topic:
> Linux programs) these days??

The only one I can think of is mtv. Every time you enter the key you
purchased ($10)it will email the author with your information. If they
find that "too many" (loosely defined) different people are using your
key they will disable that key in future revisions. It's a good program,
but not a part of the Red Hat distribution for obvious reasons.

> I have often wondered why M$ products don't use this type of technology to
> prevent me from installed one copy of Win95 on all four of my Barbie
> Computers ;)

I think I heard they are heading that way. Like timed registration
numbers- you need a new registration number each year or the os shuts

Chris Kloiber, RHCE
Commercial Support - Red Hat, Inc.

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