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RedHat 7.1 - ReiserFS update disk

** This is NOT an official RedHat update disk ** 

 We learned a few tricks since our first reiserfs hack in RedHat 7.0: Now we 
have been able to add reiserfs support in RedHat 7.1 installation using a 
single update disk. No need to rebuild the images, just write the floppy and 
use it with the original cds. 

 Important information: 
- RedHat 7.1 ships with lilo 21.4 that doesn't handle ReiserFS partitions. 
Therefore you MUST create an EXT2 "/boot" partition or your system will not 
- The 2.4.2 kernel supplied comes with ReiserFS debuging code enabled. For 
best performance you should recompile your kernel after installation. 
- This update disk allows Anaconda to upgrade an existing ReiserFS system or 
to install a new one. It will NOT convert EXT2 partitions to ReiserFS. 

 By the way, we are not RedHat employees nor have any affiliation with 
RedHat. No warranty is provided, use this update disk at your own risk. 

 Thanks to the RedHat Linux team for their great and flexible installation 

 For more information and the disk image: http://cambuca.ldhs.cetuc.puc-rio.br

 Miguel Freitas 
Marcelo Roberto Jimenez 

Center for Telecommunications Studies of PUC-Rio 
PUC-Rio (Brasil) 

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