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Re: Wolverine is public beta #2.

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Mike A. Harris wrote:

> For those wondering that do not know yet, Wolverine is public
> beta #2.  I dunno why you're all subscribed to the new list, but
> likely because this is the new beta list, so it makes sense.

Yes, I'm happy to be automagically resubscribed.

Red Hat should probably automagically add all unresolved bugs from fisher
to the wolverine bugzilla entries, so that people searching for current
bugs will not report these bugs again.  I see already that a couple of
problems I reported are still open in wolverine, but visible only on
fisher bugz queries:
  - lokkit not reading the ipchains configuration
  - locate man page really, really gzipped.

> Time for you to go download the new hot stuff!  ;o)

Did it yesterday...

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