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Broken PS/2 detection.

The anaconda lockups I had with Fisher are still there with Wolverine,
and I suspect this is a kernel issue. I say this for several reasons:

- Anaconda in 7.1 freezes without fail if there is no mouse in the
PS/2 port, whether there's a mouse in the USB port or not. The 7.0
installer running 2.2.16 correctly ascertains that there's no mouse in
this situation, and prompts for mouse type or a text-mode install.

- I think it's kernel related mostly because of my upgrade experience,
as well as discussion on lkml about this exact problem. After I
upgraded a 7.0 box to 2.2.18pre, kudzu began detecting a phantom PS/2
mouse. 2.4.0test at the time showed exactly the same behavior, and the
Wolverine kernel is no different. Apparently, this only affects a
small subset of motherboards, and in the end this bug was declared a

- Debian's anXious also guesses that I have a PS/2 mouse (their kernel
is 2.2.18pre.) Likewise, total lockup when X starts with this
incorrect config.

So, basically, what I'm seeing is that any kernel prior to 2.2.18preX
(X = 24 or 25) correctly senses that there isn't a mouse on the PS/2
port, and any kernel beyond that (including 2.3 and 2.4) will pick up
a PS/2 mouse whether or not one is actually present. In the latter
case, running X on /dev/psaux causes a keyboard lockup, followed
quickly by a total system freeze.

The motherboard in question is an Epox MVP-G3 (VIA MVP3 chipset, etc.)
Further details upon request.


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