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Re: Broken PS/2 detection.

Ed McKenzie wrote:

The anaconda lockups I had with Fisher are still there with Wolverine,
and I suspect this is a kernel issue. I say this for several reasons:

- Anaconda in 7.1 freezes without fail if there is no mouse in the
PS/2 port, whether there's a mouse in the USB port or not. The 7.0
installer running 2.2.16 correctly ascertains that there's no mouse in
this situation, and prompts for mouse type or a text-mode install.

I reported this at bugzilla, and was informed that it has been fixed internally,
... but I guess not released with Wolverine. I have a Logitech Optical Wheel
Mouse, and the same thing happened with Fisher (I'm now burning the
Wolverine CD's). The only way I could install was to use the PS/2 adapter
or a standard serial mouse. Even connected physically to the USB port, the
mouse was always detected as "PS/2".

Your comment has answered a question that I was about to ask. The other
also relates to usb, but it's "are usb *scanners* now detected with Wolverine?

Elton Woo ;-)

eltonwoo videotron ca - ICQ#9984432 - Montreal, Quebec, CANADA.
Registered Linux User #193975. AMD-K2 CPU on board.
"You only live once, so let's make life easier for each other."

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