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Re: a heretical idea

On Sun, 25 Feb 2001, rpjday wrote:

>  now that fisher has become wolverine which will some day
>become ... something, a modest proposal.  perhaps someone at
>red hat will put us all out of our misery and let us in on
>the name of the upcoming 7.1 and the rationale.

We haven't named it yet.  As someone else here has said in the
past, the names are not conceived until the very last second.
So it is impossible to name something that doesn't exist yet.


>  this will allow all of us to stop guessing and, more
>importantly, save a whole pile of bandwidth as people get
>all cranked up trying to break the code.

Just stop guessing then, as it almost certainly will be wrong.

>most importantly, it will give me time to go back to
>complaining about subject lines.  :-P

Now that is something much more productive!  ;o)

>  like i said, a heretical idea.

Very.  ;o)

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