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Re: PRINTING: needs work on network attached printers

Hi Crutcher:

Thanks for the reply.  So I need to contribute then to
the Redhat documentation writers?  You see, for most
remote systems, the local system does no pre-filtering,
and lpd sends the raw print job to the remote system.
The remote system does the filter and converts to PCL
if needed, using Ghostscript.

But for network print servers, there is no internal
conversion or filtering at the remote box, just a memory 
buffer. So for remote print server network boxes, 
pre-filtering MUST be done locally, before sending job.

So in printconf tool, there would obviously need to be
either a choice or a selection for remote vs. local
pre-filtering?  The fact that I was unaware that this
was possible, coupled with the fact that it did not
work when I used the config tool, but did work with
Suse 6.4 on the same machine and network attached printer,
leads me to conclude that while Redhat supports this
capability, we need to tell the users how to do it?
Does anyone in the printing department have an example
of how to configure this?

Are you the printing manager, or can I offer to help
test it, and help document this for the user manual?


Neal Pollack
Los Angeles, CA.  USA

Crutcher Dunnavant <crutcher redhat com> said: 

> ++ 26/02/01 13:47 -0500 - Preston Brown:
> > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> > Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 21:30:23 -0800
> > From: Neal Pollack <neal cvi net>
> > Reply-To: neal demitech com
> > To: wolverine-list redhat com
> > Subject: PRINTING: needs work on network attached printers
> >
> >
> > Only the HP JetDirect boxes, which cost 3 to 5 times more money, use
> > a custom protocol or use port 9100.   The huge number of other low cost
> > ethernet print servers cost approx $99 US dollars, and do LPD.
> > 
> > This requires the ability to do the input filtering ON THE SENDING
> > machine,
> > not the DESTINATION print server.
> > While Suse Linux 6.4 made a huge effort to document this procedure in
> > their user
> > manual, it was still unnecessarilly complex to configure by hand.
> > 
> > I am very impressed that the new RedHat 7.1 PrintConf tool will permit
> > configuartion
> > of a Direct Network attached Printer, but am sad that you have limited
> > this
> > to the JetDirect boxes at port 9100.   It is not very difficult to add a
> > menu choice
> > for the more common, less expensive generic LPD network attached
> > print server boxes.  PLEASE forward this email to the printconf team so
> > they
> > can consider this realistic and needed request.
> > 
> Short answer:
> we already do everything you just asked for.
> Long answer:
> lpd is lpd is lpd. The system works the same if you point it at
> an lpd server, a printer with an internal lpd system, or a control
> box like you discribe. Setting up lpd will print to these.
> The direct connection stuff is called 'jetdirect', because that's
> what it is, a jetdirect or jetdirect clone interface. You can
> point it at other ports, and at non-jetdirect printers.
> And we've been doing local pre-filtering for a while now, and
> continue to do so.
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