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Re: PRINTING: needs work on network attached printers

++ 26/02/01 14:52 -0800 - Neal Pollack:
> Hi Crutcher:
> Thanks for the reply.  So I need to contribute then to
> the Redhat documentation writers?  You see, for most
> remote systems, the local system does no pre-filtering,
> and lpd sends the raw print job to the remote system.
> The remote system does the filter and converts to PCL
> if needed, using Ghostscript.
> But for network print servers, there is no internal
> conversion or filtering at the remote box, just a memory 
> buffer. So for remote print server network boxes, 
> pre-filtering MUST be done locally, before sending job.
> So in printconf tool, there would obviously need to be
> either a choice or a selection for remote vs. local
> pre-filtering?  The fact that I was unaware that this
> was possible, coupled with the fact that it did not
> work when I used the config tool, but did work with
> Suse 6.4 on the same machine and network attached printer,
> leads me to conclude that while Redhat supports this
> capability, we need to tell the users how to do it?
> Does anyone in the printing department have an example
> of how to configure this?
> Are you the printing manager, or can I offer to help
> test it, and help document this for the user manual?
> Regards,
> Neal Pollack
> 310-348-6129
> Los Angeles, CA.  USA

No, I'm not the 'printing manager', I'm more like the
'printing guy'. But if they'ed only give me lackies,
I could solve all these problems, and then save the
whales, and the trees, and move the earth, and rearange
the heavens to spell out my name ...

Well, I guess I can understand why they wouldn't make me
a manager :)

Since at least Red Hat 7.0 (I think before, but I'd have to
check), any filtration specified is done locally. For you,
this means that If you configure the printer with printconf
to anything other than 'Raw Print Queue', it will go through
the local filters.

If you are having trouble with the filtration, I'm interested,
because it /should/ use the filter. However, there are some
complexitys of the magic system that directs the filtration.

Short answer,
because of the proliferation of character encodings in the world,
the poor nature of file magic, and the scarity of good meta-data
about the printer we are talking to, any unmatched file magic is
assumed to be text, and gets handled the way text gets handled.

I would like to know what happens when it "doesn't work".
Does this mean that it doesn't print, locks up the printer,
or prints poorly?

"I may be a monkey,     Crutcher Dunnavant 
 but I'm a monkey       <crutcher redhat com>
 with ambition!"        Red Hat OS Development

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