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Re: Recent upgrade confusion.

> have the LD_PRELOAD environment variable set to libavfs.so. I don't
> know where it is getting set and I have no clue as to what the
> libavfs.so library is from. The library is not provided from an rpm.

It's a zip/tar/gzip/etc file viewer:


It isn't in the basic RPM directory for Wolverine (powertools maybe?), so
it may be that the upgrade tanked it if you had it previously installed.
Another place to look would be the /etc/profile.d directory, and the
/etc/profile config file.

> In order to get shell commands to work properly I need to unset this
> EV. Can someone hit me with a clue stick? I have tried logging in as a
> couple of different users with different default shells(bash, tcsh,
> zsh) and in each instance the LD_PRELOAD EV is set. Typically I get
> this error when executing commands:
> /bin/mount: error while loading shared libraries: libavfs.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
> Regardless of the command being executed the error message is
> the same.


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